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It is a company constituted and dedicated to the production and commercialization of cut flowers and fresh foliage, located in the town of:  El Carmen de Viboral, which allows us to take advantage of our region such as the floor, the environment and working hands, Where the vulnerable population is the most benefited and what has distinguished us as a proudly Carmelitana company, which contributed 100% to the development of our town.



We produce and commercialize cut flowers and foliage with high standards of quality to accomplish our customers market demand. We have a big variety of products to achieve the satisfaction of our customers- at QUIRAMA, human talent is our greatest wealth for this reason we offer to our collaborators working conditions that contribute to the improvement of their quality life and their families.

Our Human Values


- Responsibility








-Sense of belonging





QUIRAMA S.A.S. in 2025  will be recognized in the regional, national and international market for it´s high variety and high quality in the production of cut flowers and foliage,framed in a good agriculture practice. We will innovate in the use of digital platforms to get a better our relationship with customers and suppliers.

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